Fast bowling Basic grip for beginner

Hello everyone, to become a bowler spin or fast bowler. We should first know how to grip the ball. Today we are here to know the way how to grip the ball for fast bowlers. There are different grips for fast bowling and spin bowling. So, today we only talk about fast bowling.

Grip for fast bowling

The basic grip for fast bowling is very simple. What you have to do is take the ball. Now put your middle and index finger( the finger between your thumb and middle finger is called index finger) on the top of the seam of the ball and put your thumb on the downside of the ball. As shown in the below pitcher.

Fast bowling grip, fast bowling tips

There are two basic techniques that are following.

  1. Keep the middle and index finger close as shown above.
  2. Keep a little bit of the gap between the middle and index finger as shown in the below photo.
fast bowling grip

in both the techniques there should be a little gap between the base of the thumb and the ball to get good control. As shown in the pitcher

There is not much impact on both the technique this is just for how you comfortable to grip the ball. A good grip helps you to ball smoothly.

Need to have a good grip on the ball

  • To deliver the ball at your natural pace. If you don’t have a good comfortable grip on the ball then you are not able to deliver the ball on your natural pace that you can do.
fast bowling grip
  • A good grip on the ball helps for the smooth run-up. when you take a run-up but your grip does not give you comfort then your run-up also effected with it. you lose your rhythm.
  • To control the ball. A good grip on the ball helps you to pitch the ball on its seam. because a ball pitch on-seam helps to get good pace bounce and swing.

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